Mango-flavoured "Chunks O' Fruti" Popsicle; "the frozen fruit bar with more chunks of fruit," to be consumed starting at the top left corner and across, one bite at a time)
22x30 inches
The item purchased is a mango-flavoured Fruti popsicle. For one thing they come in a clear package so you can see the bits of real fruit. They are an exotic creamy tangerine/pink colour and they only have one stick to hold so you don't have to worry about losing any bits that are attached to the extra stick. In the evolution of popsicles the mango Fruti popsicle is on the more developed end of the icy treat spectrum. More sophisticated than Mr. Freezie, more expensive than your banana/orange/chocolate/jet popsicle and better for you than the otherwise luscious creamsicle (ah the creamsicle - a textural delight, "healthy" icy orange on the outside and creamy "bad for you" ice cream in the centre – a perfect balance of delicious yin and yang).
The fruit-flavoured Fruti popsicles were first discovered at the end of a lovely meal prepared by good friends. These friends never ate dessert but felt it was necessary to supply their guests with something sweet after dinner. The host grew up in England and had only recently moved to the colonies - where she believed everyone ate desserts every night (in many cases she is probably right). It was hard to take a liking to this treat at first as the host presented them as "ice lollies." It is a term that makes one think of something you give a spoiled child. It turned out that once you get past the "ice lolly" thing they are quite delicious. Creamy enough to seem bad for you with "real" bits of frozen (the first sweets most people experience) fruit.
At the particular store where Mango Frutis are purchased, a lot of information can be gleaned from the owner of the store. This owner has a lot on his mind and one can come out of the store with information on wood cutting and the various tools used, the state of city sidewalks, what it means to live an artistic life, the evils of insurance companies and once, a puzzle (which he gave to his sister-in-law, it was of Nova Scotia, she has a trailer there).
There is more than one reason for consuming the Mango Fruti. First it is tradition. Opening a variety store freezer and choosing an icy treat reaches far back into childhood. One of the first independent decisions made, probably with allowance money, was what treat of all the many gums, chocolate bars, chips and popsicles to purchase - if not all. The other reason for consuming the Mango Fruti is entirely about energy, which becomes increasingly important with age. The Mango Fruti provides a quick pick me up without the sugar crash that other popsicles can give you.
To eat, start at the top left corner and work across one bite at a time. Each portion starts with a chew, and savour and suck the juices out until the ice becomes softer and crystallizes, then swallow. Bite, chew, suck, repeat.

Source: Tod Waring
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