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Everyday Landscapes
The series of prints for "Everyday Landscapes" focuses on the concept of patterns at several different levels. Using images synonymous with everyday life, the works explore the processes inherent within them, such as the construction of clothing and pattern making, the sequencing of foods from meal times throughout the day, and the cyclical patterns of fungus in nature. The patterns of these images are broken down and depicted in a single frame using the conventions of pattern-making in textiles and wallpaper, such as repeats and intricate detail, to create a dynamic play of movement so that each part of the process interacts with another within each frame. The series is created through the medium of print, specifically relief printing, which in itself is a pattern-oriented process, involving the repetitive tasks of carving and printing to create a singular matrix that in turn allows for the creation of multiples. Together the printed surfaces form an overall pattern that ultimately merges back into the landscape of printed surfaces in everyday life. The accompanying maquettes also provide a glimpse of the everyday landscapes in context to highlight the camouflaging capabilities of patterning. In a cyclical way this series of prints at once highlights and blends in with our everyday surroundings to form a backdrop to our lives and the processes that they represent.