The Everyday Scenario Survival Handbook
(Cover)The Everyday Scenario Survival Handbook
(Pages ii and iii)The Everyday Scenario Survival Handbook
(Pages 2 and 3)The Everyday Scenario Survival Handbook
(Pages 4 and 5)The Everyday Scenario Survival Handbook
(Pages 10 and 11)The Everyday Scenario Survival Handbook
(Pages 20 and 21)The Everyday Scenario Survival Handbook
(Pages 32 and 33)The Everyday Scenario Survival Handbook
(Pages 34 and 35)The Everyday Scenario Survival Handbook
(Pages 28 and 29)The Everyday Scenario Survival Handbook
(Pages 38 and 39)The Everyday Scenario Survival Handbook
(Pages 60 and 61) The Everyday Scenario Survival Handbook (Back Cover)How to Wake up Early in the Morning How to Apply Hand LotionHow to Get into Cold Water when Swimming How to Tie a TieHow to Survive the Daily Monotony of Office Cubicle How to Chair Dance in a CubicleHow to Get Through Airport Security GracefullyHow to Find the Optimal Seat on the Subway The Everyday Scenario Survival Series

Installation view of all pieces within this body of work (displayed in Racing Thoughts II at the Propeller Art Gallery)
The Everyday Scenario Survival Handbook
The principle behind this piece is a simple one: you just always know.

There are many instances in life that we are always aware of, but maybe not necessarily be conscious of. The information in this book comes directly from people like you and me, people who blissfully go through the day strategically executing everyday tasks in an efficient and "correct" manner.

When you are doing something everyday with no particular rhyme or reason, I want you to know what to do and how to do it. Whether it is how to brush your teeth (with an electric toothbrush), how to avoid a hangover, how make water cooler talk at the office, how to infiltrate a public transit system, or how to walk in public, my goal is to make explicit that which is implicit in everyday behaviour.

This book is inspired by and modeled on "The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook," by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht (1999). The "Everyday Scenario Survival Handbook" demonstrates some of the specific ways that people understand and navigate everyday situations, and describes their strategies for getting the best out of a situation or at least navigating through it with ease and minimal awkwardness.

Over forty entries are included, based on everyday topics by many fully functioning human beings who exist within the world. With step by step directions and instructive illustrations, this book will lead your way through the most efficient day ever, or at least shed light onto the ways in which your strategies may be that much better.

This book is intended to be open-ended. If there is something that you think you do very well and in a very particular way, please contribute as others have already done. Write about it with as much detail as possible and set out the reasons why you do it the way you do. Or, try following someone else's strategy; it just might be that much better.

So I hope you will find this a handy reference guide that helps you get through the day. Keep it on hand at all times, keep it in your back pocket, bottom of your purse, in the kitchen cupboard, at the water cooler in your work place, or in the glove compartment. Give a copy it your friends and family. You just never know how much of a difference the little things in life can make until you try.