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The item purchased by the character is a cupcake. Everybody knows the rule ‘best for last’ and this is paramount when eating a cupcake. See, when most people eat a piece of cake they just dig in like it’s their last piece, however this is just savage. After quietly humming the happy birthday song, the character separated the icing from the cake and placed it into two separate piles. Wishing they had enough change for a glass of milk, they slowly ate all of the cake, attempting to avoid any excess air intake that may cause burping later on. Then, faced with a giant heap of delicious icing, they began to eat the icing very slowly, savouring each bite. Realizing that eating a cupcake in this way in public requires backbone, they steeled themselves for the inevitable question of why one would 'massacre' such a celebratory dessert. They look forward to the ultimate redemption that occurs when everyone else is are done and still not satisfied, and they are gazing longingly into the massive sweet pile of icing.

Source: Jesse Heichert

After consuming their purchased item the character sits and contemplates, please turn to page 27 to decide your character thinks about.

The usual cupcake strategy
Cupcake; Eaten according to the 'best for last' strategy for consumption
22x30 inches