• Upcoming:

    Spark Box Studio’s Emerging Artist Residency Award, Spark Box Studio, Picton, Ontario

    Centre3 for Print and Media Arts (Solo Exhibition and Residency) Main Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario

  • Biography:

    Jacquelin Heichert is a Montreal-based artist specializing in print media, book works, drawing and sculpture. In her art practice, Heichert aims to find connections between thought processes and experiences in order to highlight the ways in which we conceptualize the world. Minute everyday situations such as what we think about when sharing an armrest or stepping onto an elevator or the mental moment of choosing or deciding, are the subject of her work. These ubiquitous moments act as sites that ground rather abstract thoughts or inherent processes within a context of familiarity and provide access points through which more symbolic aspects of the human experience, such as cultural practices, rituals and value systems, can be explored and examined.

    Heichert received her BFA from York University in 2010 and recently received her MFA from Concordia University in 2014. As an emerging professional artist, Heichert has shown in solo exhibitions at La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse (Montreal), Latcham Gallery (Stouffville), Atelier Circulaire (Montréal) and has an upcoming solo exhibition at Centre3 (Hamilton). She has been the recipient of the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada as well as the Concordia Council on Student Life Special Projects Grant, Concordia University Small Grants Program and the York University Continuing Student Scholarship. Upcoming endeavours include the Vermont Studio Center Residency (USA), Centre3 Printmaking Residency (CAN), Frans Masereel Centrum Printmaking Residency (Belgium).