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    February 2023
    Explorations of Woodblock at Bayside Gallery, Toronto, ON
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    The February 2023 exhibition featured at Bayside Gallery is an exploration of the woodblocks used in printmaking. The works in this exhibition explore the method and process of working with woodblocks using a range of different methods and processes to play with and highlight the idea of the woodblock as both form and function. “Symbiosis” (black and white print) is a single cut relief print where a woodblock is carved and printed. “Symbiosis II” includes an additive method of using additional woodblocks to form a background landscape. “Carnage of Poms” (colourful triptych) uses a woodblock reduction process where a single block is carved and printed and then the same block is carved and printed again revealing the previous print. The sculptural work “Choice Spinner” incorporates the woodblock as both a printed and sculptural element. The inside drum is a carved woodblock that was once printed for the background prints of “User's Guide to the Choice Spinner.” Through these works, woodblocks are explored as a method of creation and as well as a sculptural product, highlighting the breadth of the artmaking process.