In my art practice I aim to find connections between thought processes and experiences in order to highlight the ways in which we conceptualize the world. Minute everyday situations such as what we think about when sharing an armrest or stepping onto an elevator or the mental moment between choosing and deciding, are the subject of my work. These ubiquitous moments act as sites that ground rather abstract thoughts or inherent processes within a context of familiarity and provide access points through which more symbolic aspects of the human experience, such as cultural practices, rituals and value systems, can be explored and examined.

Through different methodologies and media, I attempt to highlight that which is implicit in everyday life and contribute to an understanding of the ways in which people interact with and make sense of the world. Ultimately, I investigate and trace different aspects of how we experience and conceptualize the world within a context of everyday life and in doing so bring forth underlying narratives that delve into political, existential and phenomenological discourses.

Image from "The Matrix of Choice" 2012