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1. No matter how professional you are there are some situations that just must be met with a little dance. Whether it is just a little spasm once a strenuous task has been accomplished or just listening the radio or the soft rock intercom, some situations warrant a bit of chair dancing.

2. The trick is to be subtle enough to not get noticed or annoy co-workers. Keep movements limited to the torso, shoulders, waist, hips, arm and head and the smaller the motions the better.

3. A major component of this process is the chair, especially if it swivels. This will either work with or against you in the dance

4. Avoid at all costs singing, whistling, and finger-snapping, as these are gratuitous and are sure to annoy co-workers.

Source: Clare Zdichavsky

How to Chair Dance in a Cubicle
How to Chair Dance in a Cubicle
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