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The proper way to apply hand lotion involves time and small precise motions. I must admit that I did not come up with this procedure, a girl in front of me during lecture started doing this and I was completely captivated. I tried it and have never gone back.

1. The trick to applying hand lotion is to not get the lotion on the palm of your hands. I have clammy hands and in general I do not like the greasy feeling that hand lotion leaves on your palms because you can't touch your face or open bottles, etc.

2. If wearing a ring turn it to the inside of palm so it does not get in the way.

3. Start with a small dab of lotion on the top of your hand (whichever hand is not your dominant) and rub it in with the top of your other hand (your dominant hand) in small circular motions; thus applying lotion to both hands at the same time but one is the pallet and the other is for control.

4. Next apply small dabs of lotion on the knuckles of the non-dominant hand and rub it in with the knuckles of the dominant hand in small circular motions (massage your hand knuckles if sore or over used).

5. Now apply lotion to the space between the last knuckle and the tip of the finger on the non dominant hand rub both places on hand together like a washboard and then rub fingers together by the spaces between each other and apply the excess (small portion) of lotion to the palms.

6. Lastly, (and this step can be removed depending on the season), if your hands are particularly dry or it is winter, apply small bits of lotion again to the finger tips and work into the cuticles. Then you are as soft as a baby's cheeks!

Source: Jacquelin Heichert

How to Apply Hand Lotion
How to Apply Hand Lotion
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