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The Matrix of Choice is a body of work integrating a large-scale kinetic and portable wooden sculpture and a woodblock and screen-printed editioned bookwork. The sculpture, the Choice Spinner, is based off of the spinner from the Game of Life board game made by Hasbro Toys, the object of which is to “travel the path of LIFE making decisions” (Hasbro, 2010). The second component of this work, “The User’s Guide for the Choice Spinner” is a bookwork that contextualizes the piece as a physical object to be assembled and packed up and taken with the user in order to facilitate their choices and decisions within their daily routine and thus the Choice Spinner takes on the potential for real life implications.

The Choice Spinner (Detail of carving)
The Choice Spinner (Detail of carving)
Harwood, softwood, plywood and metal brackets
28w x 28d x 64h inches