Portfolio > Accumulation

Chalk (on wall), pen (in bookwork), paper and digital print (for paper house) and porcelain (for porcelain houses).

A collaborative work/installation by Stephanie Russ, Jacquelin Heichert and Dasha Valakhanovitch

This installation was inspired by the artist book, “When you die who will you leave your stuff to?” The bookwork starts by simply listing everyday objects and things that we are surrounded by in the world. The first words begin with blank book, loose leaf, pen, eraser and continues on to list the infinite number of possessions we accumulate and use throughout our lives. In this work we question the value and meaning of all that we accumulate. This bookwork is surrounded by a series of fragile shelters where we fill and store all our accumulated possessions. Like a bird's eye view on a neighborhood, these houses become infinitely full of people, places and things.

Bookwork by Stephanie Russ, Paper Houses by Jacquelin Heichert, Porcelain Houses by Dasha Valakhanovitch, Photographs by Aanchal Malhotra